New Studio

New Make Up studioHi there, it’s been a while since my last post, it has been a busy month for me in May and mostly for other makeup artist too. During that period, Chinese and Javanese believed that it’s a good time to get married.

I also have a sad news to announce as my rental contract for my makeup studio has ended and I have make my decision not to review the contract. For those of you whom don’t know, I rented this studio last inside IMELDAVID showroom.

For the past one year, mostly are for Graduation’s client which wasn’t really what I aim for but it is still a blessing that I manage to meet all the girls. Really hope can meet them again.

So I decide to make a difficult decision to let go this studio and continue to have the studio in my house. I might have lesser client for Graduation but after setting up my studio here, I feel that it’s more comfortable for me than I expected. It has good air ventilation and the light is excellent for makeup.

I could give you a special price if you are interested to do make up at my new studio. Please contact me for more information and my service are availability by appointment only. <3


The Beautiful Margenie

This week, I had the opportunity to do beauty makeup for Margenie. She’s a newly mom, Miss Grand International 2014, world top 10 and Miss Earth Indonesia Air 2014 yet she so humble and friendly. It is my pleasure that I have this opportunity to make up for her.I’m happy that she trusted me to do her make up for photoshoot session with albertneman . What I’m trying to achieve is to provide a very natural and light feeling, its like less is more. You don’t need thick makeup to look beautiful and fresh.

Here’s the result and the picture taken by albertneman here <3. You can check out more of his photo work at by click here @albertnemanphoto





My Sister’s 3rd Pregnancy Photoshoot

1460218171560On The 4th of April 2016, I did my sister’s makeup for her 3rd pregnancy photoshoot. The photographer on that day is Yenny Tanaya and she provide Home Service Photoshoot and her focus is on maternity, family and baby photoshoot. Do check her instagram by clicking on here @yennytanayaphotography . If you have issue with mobility she’s a splendid choice which you can consider.
Anyway back to me, my inspiration for that day is to make my sister look as natural as possible including styling her hair and as usual I use my favorite earth color for eyeshadow, full cheek so she can look fresh and young, also nude lipstick. For the hair I only make a natural wave and I recommended her using a matching hair clip to match with her hair color that give an impression that her hair has more volume. I also make the Flower Crown that match her dress and my nieces.


As the result, she looks stunningly beautiful and motherly during her 7th month pregnancy. Thanks sis for always trust me <3. I’ll put some of her final look at gallery. Please do check it out!! Contact me for any Makeup Package with Flower Crown.

Flower Crown

Hi, its been awhile !!! So lately I have been making Flower Crown during my free time, and I been joining bazaar here in Surabaya, you guys can check my work in instagram @xinxin.flowercrown. There will be posting of ready stock flower crown and I will be posting them in the website too including the price, i can’t wait for it <3

Collaboration with _missblanc
Collaboration with _missblanc

Do you know that you can wear Flower Crown on different occation? For example during photoshot session like maternity, presweet, prewedding or perhaps during party like wedding or engagement. Flower crown enhances the beauty of the wearer while giving dreamy and the feeling of being close to the nature to her appearance, which makes me love them so much!! You should check them out as I have some promotion also for makeup and flower crown.

Please do contact me for more infomation. Hope to hear from you very soon.

Prewedding MakeUp And Hairdo


Hello Again!!! so I went to Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Timur last September for prewedding Makeup and Hairdo for Devina with Arnold as a Photography from ZoiStory.

We fly with Lion Air and NAM Air (Sriwijaya Air) and transit at Kupang for 2-3 hours. And arrived at Maumere. From Maumere we went to Kelimutu Lake ride mini Bus for 3,5 hours. But we stop first at Nilo Hills for sunset photoshoot (1st picture with green dress). She look amazingly beautiful with all those natural sunset light, if I can say like Disney Princess, Love it so much.

We also visited 2 empty island called Pangambitan Island (this island extremely beauty), Koka beach, and 2 other hills; Cross hill, Kolisia Hill. I like kolisia hill most, it so beautiful. The photoshoot took 4 days. the weather was so hot. If u plan to visit there dont forget sunblock and hat ^^. I got sunburn at first day at Kelimutu Lake. I upload also few picture of the couple from my phone. That flower crown I made myself for her to wear for photoshoot. Hope she like it.



Hi!! Lets do the introduction

Hi, I’m Silvana!! This is my first blog , obviously it’s about makeup and obviously I love makeup and everything about it. I love it when after I applied make up on my clients and my clients felt that they are beautiful and that is why I wish to also help more people, to make them feel great about themselves with them wearing their beautiful dresses. It really satisfies me and makes me feel happy. Every girl is beautiful in their own ways but makeup just enhance the look and feel, which makes us feel more beautiful and gave us a confident boost in ourselves. Even so a girl’s inner beauty is play an important part too, being positive and comfortable with your skin lies the true beauty of one selves.

A bit of background story on how I got into the makeup industry. Back in 2007, I had interest in makeups and decided to take up a course on around 2008 in Surabaya. During my studies my passion on makeup grew more so after my graduation, I was determine to become a makeup artist. I work under two famous bridal house at Surabaya before becoming working on my own. And now I’m Freelance Makeup Artist and I do make ups for wedding, engagement, pre-wed, etc. Oh by the way, most of my makeup style are being Natural and Fresh.