Hi!! Lets do the introduction

Hi, I’m Silvana!! This is my first blog , obviously it’s about makeup and obviously I love makeup and everything about it. I love it when after I applied make up on my clients and my clients felt that they are beautiful and that is why I wish to also help more people, to make them feel great about themselves with them wearing their beautiful dresses. It really satisfies me and makes me feel happy. Every girl is beautiful in their own ways but makeup just enhance the look and feel, which makes us feel more beautiful and gave us a confident boost in ourselves. Even so a girl’s inner beauty is play an important part too, being positive and comfortable with your skin lies the true beauty of one selves.

A bit of background story on how I got into the makeup industry. Back in 2007, I had interest in makeups and decided to take up a course on around 2008 in Surabaya. During my studies my passion on makeup grew more so after my graduation, I was determine to become a makeup artist. I work under two famous bridal house at Surabaya before becoming working on my own. And now I’m Freelance Makeup Artist and I do make ups for wedding, engagement, pre-wed, etc. Oh by the way, most of my makeup style are being Natural and Fresh.

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