My Sister’s 3rd Pregnancy Photoshoot

1460218171560On The 4th of April 2016, I did my sister’s makeup for her 3rd pregnancy photoshoot. The photographer on that day is Yenny Tanaya and she provide Home Service Photoshoot and her focus is on maternity, family and baby photoshoot. Do check her instagram by clicking on here @yennytanayaphotography . If you have issue with mobility she’s a splendid choice which you can consider.
Anyway back to me, my inspiration for that day is to make my sister look as natural as possible including styling her hair and as usual I use my favorite earth color for eyeshadow, full cheek so she can look fresh and young, also nude lipstick. For the hair I only make a natural wave and I recommended her using a matching hair clip to match with her hair color that give an impression that her hair has more volume. I also make the Flower Crown that match her dress and my nieces.


As the result, she looks stunningly beautiful and motherly during her 7th month pregnancy. Thanks sis for always trust me <3. I’ll put some of her final look at gallery. Please do check it out!! Contact me for any Makeup Package with Flower Crown.

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